The site water supply will be turned off either the first or second week in November. The date is yet to be decided. Please fill up your water butts.


The shop is now open on Saturdays until Saturday the 24th November, as usual from 11am to 1pm.

The shop will close for the Christmas period from the end of November 2018 until February 2019. The last day the shop will trade this year in the 24th November and it will reopen Saturday February the 2nd. If you require anything from the shop during the period, please see Joanne.


While we try to stock things in the shop that we believe some or all of you want, if you think there are other items that you would like us to have available, please let us know. If there is enough demand that we can get it at a good price, then we’ll try our best.

Currently there are no Volunteers for the rest of this year, but watch this space.




Start time for volunteering is 10am at the shop, BBQ at 1pm.

Please participate as much as you can to help keep our Allotment Site tidy and beautiful.

Remember it is your site

We all need to do our part



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Site Rules

It is part of the agreement for the site is that the plot holders must maintain and cut their paths and the areas around their plots. Some plot holders are not doing this at present.

Also there will no communal compost area on the site in the future. Each plot holder must compost their own stuff. We are still get people put weeds and other items on the bonfire and the CLOSED compost heap. If you are seen to be doing this the council will be informed.